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Mutahi Ngunyi: Raila must concede defeat or be shown no mercy

Renown political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has argued that the reason why NASA co-principal Raila Odinga is yet to concede defeat after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared President-elect on Friday,11th August is because he could be suffering from what he termed as ‘Samsonian blues’.

He describes the ‘Samsonian blues’ to be the time when Samson (from the bible) was captured by the Philistines with the help of Delilah and in order to preserve his dignity, he decided to use his God-given strength to topple the temple where everybody inside including himself died.
In his regular hypothetical analysis named as ‘The Fifth Estate’, Ngunyi speculates that Raila is ‘currently suicidal and at his lowest moment and is ready to collapse the temple (Kenya) with everybody inside’.
With this ‘reality’, he says, he is offering ‘unsolicited advice’ to Raila and country.
“I am fully aware that to give unsolicited advice is rude, but i’ll give it to him all the same. Number one, he has no option but to concede defeat,and If he concedes defeat, he will regroup and will save face locally and internationally. Similarly, if he regroups, he will maintain status quo and he will be just fine,” Ngunyi says.
“But the option he seems to have taken is to go underground,and this option is one in which we are not sure whether the man has vanished or whether he’s still in Kenya.The problem with this is that it will fuel some kind of speculation around the country whether he’s here or not or what he’s most likely to do..”,Mutahi added.
The analyst goes ahead to insinuate that Raila may be planning a military coup.
“One of my biggest worries here is his fascination with the military. In the past he has accused Uhuru Kenyatta of planning to install himself using the military. And the question we need to throw back to Raila is simple; Is he gone underground in search of a military solution to his defeat? And is the violence across the country part of this particular plan and solution?’
“If Raila does not concede in my view, then the country must show him no mercy because Raila will show the country no mercy either. And there must be that reciprocal relationship”,Mutahu concluded.
What happens to the half of the country that voted for Raila if we retire him with no mercy?
Mutahi’s 5th Estate team added that to lock out half the country for 5 year because it supported Raila is to engage in constitutional nonsense.
Uhuru’s first order of business should be to finish Raila completely and second order of business should be to change the constitution in order to accommodate the losers in future.
Here is the complete video courtesy of YouTube/The 5th Estate;


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