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Akombe’s Last Memo To Chebukati Before Resigning

A leaked memo has emerged revealing various issues Dr Roselyn Akombe raised to IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati just before her resignation on factors she believed would have affected the October 26th election.

In the memo, she cites acts of insubordination by the commission secretariat, which is headed by CEO Ezra Chiloba.

She also notes the way critical decisions were being voted down by the plenary, physical threats and verbal attacks.

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Akombe, in the October 9 letter , says it appears Chiloba & Co deliberately decided to render a committee on elections preparation, which she chaired, dysfunctional.

She noted such interference made her oversight role and that of two other IEBC commissioners obsolete.

Akombe raised concerns about IEBC decisions being controlled by the Secretariat and a majority vote at the plenary.

“Are there instructions to isolate some of us and make us irrelevant in the operations of the commission? Are there issues that are being safely kept away from us?” she asked Chebukati.

She further observes in the document that she is thinks the commission is run by only 4 commissioners while the rest are mere onlookers yet all members are expected to have their opinion count in any decision.

“We cannot purport to be acting on behalf of the Kenyan people and in accordance with the constitution yet our decisions are shrouded in secrecy,” read her letter in part.

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She also pointed out a case on September 18 when a commissioner threatened to physically assault her.

“With well-orchestrated verbal attacks and accusations in virtually every plenary meeting, could one say that there is even free speech and tolerance for difference in views in our own boardroom?”

“It appears there’s a deliberate plan to silence some of us from airing our views. In whose service is this?” Akombe asked.

Further to this, she raised issues with Chebukati on changes to the electoral process and staff which were not agreed upon despite the issues highlighted by the Supreme Court regarding the nullified August 8th poll.

On the project team formed to man the fresh poll, Akombe complained that nothing seems to have changed since they still take orders from Collegues who were responsible for bungling previous poll.

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“All key issues related to this election ranging from technology to training are still being managed by the same headquarters staff…Is the project team under siege? Is it able to project leadership and build confidence in our preparation?” she asked.

Quite a number of issues she raised,here are the comprehensive leaked documents,courtesy of The Star;





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